Homage to Scotland

“Homage to Scotland” is a profound human portrait of the political process in Scotland — which will vote for independence from the UK in a historic referendum on September 18 — through the eyes of three main characters: Jenny Lindsay, a poet committed to the ‘Yes’ campaign, David Torrance, a young and skeptical journalist, and Sir Tom Devine, the most read historian in the country, considered the leading authority on the history of modern Scotland and author of the famous book “The Scottish Nation”.

The documentary follows these characters in their personal and professional lives, in a context shaped by parliamentary debates in Edinburgh and London and the key moments of the referendum campaign. On a trip across Scotland —from Shetland, the oil industrial center, to the University of Glasgow, where a mock election was held, passing through the legendary battlefield of Culloden and London, where the government defends unity — this documentary lets us into how Scots approach and experience this debate.

The three Scottish characters of “Homage to Scotland” have very different points of view on the political process affecting the country, but they all agree on the need for rational and democratic debate. Throughout the documentary, they and the people who surround them, mature their views as the referendum date approaches. A film that helps, ultimately, to understand how a process — about to become a political reference in Europe — is lived.

Director: Justin Webster Producer: Martin Rocca Editor: Judit Méndez Puig  Photography: Lucas Gath and Jim Loomis Production Manager: Sumpta Ayuso Music: Dexter Hodges