Our team

Justin Webster, Director 

Crafting non-fiction narratives became Justin’s passion when he worked as a reporter for The Independent in London the early 90s. Before that he’d been far more interested in fiction and had studied the classical literature of ancient Greek and Latin authors, seemingly far from the news – but in retrospect the best guides to discovering a real story. Looking for a chance to tell longer and deeper stories he left London to work with photographers as a freelance writer in Barcelona, and, as necessity is the mother of invention, he started producing and directing tv features and short documentaries. In 2004 his first feature documentary, a vérité film about a year inside the huge soccer club, FC Barcelona, won several international awards. Since then, he has directed a number of award-winning films, all produced by Sumpta Ayuso, on subjects as diverse as the lives of jihadi terrorists, the drama of African emigration, a story of love, murder and political conspiracy in Guatemala, and the life of Gabriel García Márquez. The films are either investigative, with interviews, or vérité, following an unfolding story. All are driven by a desire to discover and tell a true story. Justin believes non-fiction, told with craft but without invention, can be as dramatic and creative as the best fiction – and often more revealing.

Sumpta Ayuso, Producer

Sumpta has long combined creative flair and a desire to understand the world with the discipline of running complex international productions. Since founding JWP with Justin in the 90s, she has directed productions, managed budgets and contracts, and delivery for dozens of films to cinemas, festivals and broadcasters around the world. Her production expertise is accredited by the nomination for the EU’s Golden Link Award in 2007 (for the Spanish/Catalan-British-Danish feature documentary, The Madrid Connection). The broadcasters and funds she has worked with incliude Televisió de Catalunya, BBC Storyville, The Danish Film Institute, Al Jazeera, ARTE, festivals include Hot Docs, Tribeca, Docs Barcelona, The Chicago Film Festival, Documenta Madrid and Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias. Sumpta also works as a juror for the selection of documentary projects in Colombia and Spain.

 Martin Rocca, Producer

Martin was born in Spain but grew up in Argentina. A graduate of advertising, he completed a masters in journalism. Based back in Spain, he discovered his vocation as head of the audio-visual department for a communication company in Barcelona. Now he is a Producer for JWP, having worked in the productions of “I Will Be Murdered”, “Homage to Scotland”, “Docubeat” and our most recent film nominated for Tribeca Film Festival 2016: “Win!” He currently works in the production of our newest documentary “The End of ETA”, an insight into the secret negotiations that led to the end of Spain’s basque terrorist organisation; ETA.

Enric Bach, Producer

Born in Sabadell, Barcelona, Enric graduated in Filmmaking at Ramon Llull University in 2001. For the last seven years he has been producer and chief editor at Salvados (La Sexta), the most-viewed current affairs tv program in Spain nowadays. In 2011 he directed his first documentary, ‘Sunday in Brazzaville’, winning 11 international awards and screened at more than 40 film festivals around the world. In late 2015 he joined JWP to develop and produce non fiction films and series.

Jose Alonso de Caso Williams,  Camera Operator

Jose was born in Madrid, where he studied audiovisuals. He works in JWProductions since early 2015, at the same time “Gabo, The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez” premiere. Since then he had worked in different documentaries as “English Academy” or “Win!”.  He currently works as camera operator and editor in the documentary serie “Anatomy of a murder”.

Marc Martí, Editor

A graduate in Media studies, he did his university internship in Los Ángeles and completed his formation with a Masters degree in journalism back in Barcelona.
He was head of the audio-visual department for a communication company and he worked over 2 years as a freelance camera operator and video editor.
Now he works as editor at JWP, currently working on a documentary about ETA’s end.