{:en}Six Dreams{:}{:es}Six Dreams{:}{:ca}Six Dreams{:}

Six Dreams

Six Dreams es una serie de no-ficción que cuenta una temporada en la Liga española de fútbol desde dentro, a través de seis personas y…

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{:en}Muerte en León{:}{:es}Muerte en León{:}{:ca}Muerte en León{:}

Muerte en León

Muerte en Leon is the story of four women who are the main characters in a murder case in a provincial Spanish city. In May…

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{:en}Homage to Scotland{:}{:es}Homenaje a Escocia{:}{:ca}Homage to Scotland{:}

Homage to Scotland

“Homage to Scotland” is a profound human portrait of the political process in Scotland — which will vote for independence from the UK in a historic…

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{:en}The Madrid Connection{:}{:es}Conexión Madrid{:}

The Madrid Connection

The Madrid Connection is a profound, two-year long investigation into the lives and motivations of the two men who became the leaders of the terrorist…

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As a filmmakers and journalists, we are very aware of how much a powerful and revealing non-fiction film can struggle to get the visibility it…

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{:en}Soapbox{:}{:es}Soapbox{:}{:ca}Soapbox Mèxic{:}


Soapbox Mexico, produced for Al Jazeera English, is a soap opera within a soap opera that goes behind the scenes of one of Mexico’s longest running and most popular dramas, What Women Don’t Say. Each of Soapbox’s seven episodes takes viewers into a colourful, sometimes fraught world of harassed directors and mercurial actresses, chronicling the emotional outbursts and flashes of humour on the way. At the same time, Soapbox uncovers deeply engaging personal stories, often echoing the troubling storylines of the soap itself, and weaving a powerful narrative of Mexico today.

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{:en}Life from Others{:}{:es}Trasplantando la vida{:}{:ca}LIFE FROM OTHERS{:}

Life from Others

The story of the secret behind Spain’s world leadership in organ transplants. Human more than technical factors explain a medical revolution that has taken place over the last 25 years in Spain, started by pioneering Catalan doctors like Martín Manyalich, who now travels the world to teach others about how to create and sustain what is for those involved a moment charged with meaning and emotion — when grief of some can be transformed into hope for others.

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{:en}FC Barcelona Confidential{:}{:es}FC Barcelona Confidencial{:}{:ca}FC Barcelona Confidential{:}

FC Barcelona Confidential

A unique observational film about a year on the inside of the world’s biggest football club at the worst moment in their history. FC Barcelona was…

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