Clandestine Crisis

In the boom years Europe was a magnet for immigrants from around the world. Now there are not enough jobs and the last to arrive – immigrants – with no legal papers face a double crisis.  Nowhere is this situation bleaker than amongst Bolivians in Spain.

This is the story of three Bolivian women, and the familes and communities dependent on them, shot in Bolivia and in Spain, as the police pressure and the the toughening of European laws threatens their hopes of prosperity. Like 3 million others, they have fled a crisis in Bolivia only to find themselves caught in the collapsing economies of Europe. But despite often enormous emotional costs Bolivians do not easily give up the dream of making enough money in Europe to build a house, or educate their children. This is an insight into the all-but-invisible crisis facing millions of immigrants without papers following what many in Europe now call “the Law of Shame”.