Aznar’s Unfinished Business

A portrait of the most loved and hated Spanish leader since Spain’s return to democracy in 1977: the ex-president José María Aznar.

Fifteen years after journalist and filmmaker Justin Webster interviewed him just before he came to power, Aznar talks for the first time in front of the camera about his eight years in power: how he travelled from the height of his popularity with a booming economy when he won an overall majority for the right in 2000, to the depths of popular discontent, over his support for the war in Iraq, his friendship with George Bush and his handling of the 2004 Madrid bombings, just before the elections that marked a bitter end to his mandate. “José María Aznar’s Unfinished Business” is also about his current, controversial role as an influential behind-the-scenes player in Spanish politics, an international guru for the right, with particular success in the US, the leader of a successful think tank and an advisor to Rupert Murdoch.