Our team

Justin Webster, Director, Writer and Executive Producer

Crafting non-fiction narratives became Justin’s passion when he worked as a newspaper reporter, after studying classical literature. Working with photographers as a freelance writer led to directing his first short documentaries. In 2004 his first feature documentary, a vérité film about a year inside FC Barcelona, won several international awards. His films and series are either investigative, constructed through testimonies, archive and recreations, or vérité style following an unfolding story in the present. Justin believes non-fiction, told with craft but without invention, can be as dramatic and creative as the best fiction – and often more revealing.

Sumpta Ayuso, Producer and Executive Producer

Sumpta combines creative flair with the discipline of running complex international productions. Her production expertise is accredited by the nomination for the EU’s Golden Link Award in 2007 (for the Spanish/Catalan-British-Danish feature documentary, The Madrid Connection). She has produced for Televisió de Catalunya, BBC Storyville, The Danish Film Institute, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and premiered at Hot Docs, Tribeca, Docs Barcelona, The Chicago Film Festival, Documenta Madrid and Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias. Sumpta also works as a juror for the selection of documentary projects in Colombia and Spain.

Martin Rocca, Writer, Line Producer and Line Director

Martin was born in Spain but grew up in Argentina. A graduate in advertising, he has also completed a masters in journalism. His credits as writer and producer for JWP include co-writer and line producer on the acclaimed series “Nisman, the Prosecutor, the President and the Spy.” He was line producer on the vérité film “Win!” which premiered at Tribeca and “The End of ETA” which premiered in San Sebastian.

Jose Alonso de Caso Williams, Editor and  Camera Operator

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Jose studied audiovisuals in Madrid and joined JWProductions in 2015, joining as assistant producer. His credits include work on “Gabo, The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez”, before progressing to operating second camera and editing on “Death in Leon” and “The Pioneer”. Later on he was editor on the Emmy-winning “Six Dreams” series and he currently works as cinematographer on the second season of the series.

David Cabrera, Line Director and Director

David studied journalism in Barcelona. For seven years he was line director for the ground-breaking Spanish current affairs programme, Salvados. At JWP, he began as one of two principal line directors for the Emmy-winning vérité series, “Six Dreams”. He was line director, and additional editor for the acclaimed series “The Pioneer” and currently shares the direction of the second season of “Six Dreams”.

Jordi Call, Line Director and Director

Jordi studied documentary filmmaking in Barcelona, and was director, line dircector and assistant director on numerous documentaries for Spanish television and cinema, before joining the launch of the ground-breaking Spanish current affairs programme, “Salvados”, as line director in 2007. At JWP, he began as one of the two principal line directors for the Emmy-winning vérité series, “Six Dreams” and currently shares the direction of the second season of “Six Dreams”.

Garbiñe Armentia, Editor

Garbiñe studied screenwriting before specializing in documentary filmmaking, completing a master in creative documentary at Pompeu Fabra University. Over 15 years she has worked as screenwriter and editor in various TV programs and documentaries. At JWP she began as finishing editor for the first season of the Emmy-award winning “Six Dreams” and the feature documentary “Muerte en León. Caso Cerrado”. She was also principal editor for “Nisman, The Prosecutor, The President and the Spy” and is currently one of three principal story editors for the second season of Six Dreams.

Jim Loomis, Post-production Coordinator

Jim studied film in Scotland and has worked on JWP productions as a freelance director of photography and editor for nearly twenty years. He is partner of True Day Films, and co-directed the feature documentary “Constructing Albert.” Since 2019 he has become JWP’s post-production coordinator for the series “The Pioneer”, “Nisman, The Prosecutor, The President and the Spy” and the second season of “Six Dreams.”

Claudia Ripoll, Production Assistant

Claudia studied journalism and business communications before working in a wide range of media and advertising roles, including copywriting for magazines and assisting in television production. She was coordinator for the documentary association Pro-Docs before joining JWP in 2019, where she works in general management and communication.