Soapbox Mexico, produced for Al Jazeera English, is a soap opera within a soap opera that goes behind the scenes of one of Mexico’s longest running and most popular dramas, What Women Don’t Say. Each of Soapbox’s seven episodes takes viewers into a colourful, sometimes fraught world of harassed directors and mercurial actresses, chronicling the emotional outbursts and flashes of humour on the way. At the same time, Soapbox uncovers deeply engaging personal stories, often echoing the troubling storylines of the soap itself, and weaving a powerful narrative of Mexico today.

In Mexico, the language of melodrama is an everyday currency, which shapes how people understand their lives. From the top – the current president is married to a telenovela star – to the poorest community, the shows are part of what Mexico is. In a country so marked by the romantic fantasies of more traditional soaps, Soapbox: Mexico spotlights this unique soap, which stands out as an alternative that turns women into the heroes of their own stories.

For two years we have been developing the idea of making a series which reveals the huge impact TV has on shaping our imaginations, and the way we communicate. This is especially true in the (fast) developing world. Where better to start than in the birthplace of the world-conquering melodramas called telenovelas?

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