The Ref

Miguel Pérez Lasa is a football referee in Spain’s first division: one of the most stressful weekend jobs available.

This documentary offers a unique, revealing portrait, brought alive by hearing the ref and his assistants audio during the games, of the experience of being a top ref and trying to keep control of fiercely contested games with the likes of Messi, Eto’o and their Barcelona teammates, or Seville’s centre forward Kanouté, on the pitch. Following him before during and after the games, we get to know the pugnacious Pérez Lasa amid the pressures and insults, the training and technical expertise, and the battle for control and advantage which is played out in every game – and usually only guessed at by spectators –  between top players and the ref on the pitch.

The Ref in CNN’s Screening Room
Our film The Ref was invited to the Kicking & Screening film festival in New York City. Here we can see a 10- 15 minute reportage for CNN. Kicking & Screening is the first film festival in the United States devoted solely to soccer and film.