One of our vérité films about a soccer club start-up in New York City premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2016. Win! was released globally on October 18, 2016 across all major digital On Demand platforms, including: iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, PlayStation and Xbox, as well as via US cable providers Time Warner and Comcast, among others.


· Joey Magidson, Tribeca Wrap Up for 2016. Hollywoodnews

“If there’s one thing, besides Dean, that could have some crossover success of the yet to be releases, it’s the documentary Win!, which might seem like something along the lines of an ESPN 30 for 30 but really stands out. Essentially, Win! is a compelling look at the birth of a sports franchise, namely the New York City Football Club, which is an expansion Major League Soccer team. As enjoyable as it is for NYCFC fans to get to look behind the curtain, this documentary really succeeds as a potential introduction of the soccer team to non fans. Even if you don’t care for soccer or ever watch MLS games, the soup to nuts approach of seeing an expansion team come together in a major city is fascinating to watch. I could easily see it coming out and doing very well.”

· Nathaniel Vinton, New York Daily News

“The Tribeca Film Festival can always be counted on for good sports films, this year’s most intriguing entry being “Win!” – a 104-minute documentary about the birth of New York City FC….a look deep inside the team as it assembles itself and begins trying to capture a fan base as passionate as the players…”


· Ian Hollander, Tribeca Film Festival Programmer

Just months after the 2014 World Cup saw soccer’s popularity in the US reach unprecedented heights, a new expansion team was set to enter Major League Soccer and take the competition by storm: New York City Football Club. The announcement of a new team in the country’s most competitive sports market, backed jointly by British club Manchester City and the New York Yankees, had the global soccer community abuzz with anticipation. All they needed was a coach, and players, and fans…

Offering a fascinating vérité look into what it takes to build a soccer team from the ground up, Win! follows New York City FC’s historic inaugural season in Yankee Stadium as a young coach and a team—led by global superstars like David Villa, Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo—alongside a growing squad of American veterans and young talent, set out to conquer their owners’ lofty expectations and win the hearts of New Yorkers.

Win! is the story of a few people – a former player-turned-executive, a star coach, some famous and some not-so-famous soccer players, and others – who take on a huge challenge: to build the first professional sports team in New York – a soccer team of all things – in over 20 years, to stand alongside the likes of some of the most hallowed names in sports culture – Yankees, Knicks, Giants. My challenge as a filmmaker was to tell this story from the inside, in the present tense, filming hundreds of hours, living all the ups and downs through the eyes of main characters – from the dressing room to the board room – and witnessing, finally, how the club and the people in it were transformed by the experience, and how they connected with the city they represent”

Justin Webster, Director