F.C. Barcelona Confidencial

FC Barcelona is the biggest football club in the world. Its 102,000 shareholder members all have seats at the Camp Nou, Europe’s biggest stadium and the right, every four years, to elect the Club President, the dream job for thousands of ambitious, patriotic catalans.

In 2003, thanks to por domestic performances and a spiraling debt, the club sank into the worst crisis in its 100-year history- With the promise of root and branch reform, a new regime was ushered in under the leadership of the charismatic Joan Laporta. With unprecedented and exclusive Access, directors Webster and Hernandez spent a year at the Nou Camp documenting the new board’s efforts to turn an old-fashioned Catalan family affair into a global football business.

Justin Webster and Daniel Hernández
Justin Webster and Daniel Hernández
Executive Production:
Pablo Usón and Daniel Wolf
Director of Photography:
Pep Sancho
La Crem
Jorge Mota