Convict the judge

Baltasar Garzón is awaiting trial in what will be an internationally controversial case. The most famous judge, both inside and outside of Spain, is accused of going against the law by investigating crimes from Spain’s Francoist past. Additionally, the Supreme Court in Madrid has initiated two more cases against him in what appears to be a judicial persecution. He faces accusations regarding his methods for pursuing corruption, particularly in the Gürtel case, as well as issues related to his finances.

After 22 years in the National Court and a history filled with the most controversial and pioneering cases, he will sit in the defendant’s chair, not only as a man who has been at the center of Spain’s public life for the past two decades but also as a model judge who puts Spanish justice to the test.

This documentary, filmed in The Hague, Argentina, Colombia, the United Kingdom, and Spain, tells the story of this prominent judge, with him as a witness, and includes the voices of his supporters and detractors at a decisive moment in his career.

Justin Webster
Justin Webster
Executive Production:
Sumpta Ayuso
Director of Photography:
Jim Loomis
Montse Ané
Simón Hernández