Six Dreams

Six Dreams is an unprecedented journey into the behind the scenes, real life look into the Spanish Football League (La Liga) through the perspective of six individuals. Witness as a team president, coach, sports director and athletes struggle and thrive against the pressures of the sport within their respective organizations. With exclusive access to the day-to-day activities on and off the pitch, we follow our characters into never before seen back-office negotiations, locker room briefings and intimate moments at home with family, discovering what it takes to succeed in one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

Justin Webster, Jordi Call, David Cabrera
Justin Webster
Assistant Director:
Bernabé Bulnes, Thomas Barrera, Gorka Bilbao, Bruno Olivé, Eriz Zapirain, Carlos Agulló
Executive Production:
Bernat Elias, Laura Fernández, Javier Méndez
Director of Photography:
Bernabé Bulnes, Zigor Etxebarria, Juanfe Garces, Bruno Olivé, Edu Álvarez
Laro Basterrechea
Garbiñe Armentia, Elodie Leuthold, Mar Clapés, José Alonso de Caso, Tomás Suárez