Six Dreams

Non - Fiction Series

“Six Dreams – Back to win” is the second season of the double Emmy-winning non-fiction series and delves even deeper into the lives of another six characters in the Spanish Football League. An intimate, passionate and dramatic portrait of their experiences in an unforgettable year: the season when a global pandemic will test their dreams like never before. They say anything is possible in football, and that is truer than ever in the 2020-2021 season. Two veteran players, Aritz Aduriz and Santi Cazorla; Maheta Molango, the CEO of a newly-promoted team; the manager of an elite club, Clemente Villaverde; a unusual coach, Paco López, and a highly-prized player, Borja Iglesias: they all face a year that will change their lives.


Directors: Justin Webster, David Cabrera, Jordi Call

Scriptwriter: Justin Webster 

Executive Production: JWP, Mediapro

Directors of Photography: Bernabé Bulnes, Dani Fabra, Edu Álvarez, Jose Alonso de Caso, Pasqual Marí, Zigor Etxebarria

Music: Laro Basterrechea

Edition: Isaac Bergadà, Garbiñe Armentia, Gerard Ribas, Elodie Leuthold