Feature Documentary

In May 2009, Rodrigo Rosenberg, a wealthy, charismatic lawyer went cycling near his home in Guatemala City and was murdered. Nothing unusual, as tragically Guatemala has a murder rate four times higher than Mexico’s. What was extraordinary is that Rodrigo Rosenberg knew, for certain, he was about to be killed.

I Will Be Murdered is a feature-length documentary that portrays the astonishing, real-life story of a lawyer who launched a personal crusade in search of justice, and brought his country to the brink of chaos.

“If you’re watching this message, it’s because I’ve been murdered by President Colom.” When Guatemalan lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg was killed by hitmen in 2009, it led to a national uproar. Not only had he predicted his own death in a video he’d made days earlier, he’d alsoj’accused the premier. However, if this documentary starts out like a straightforward political thriller, it gradually turns into something infinitely stranger.